Why Ignite Performance Academy

Why Ignite Performance Academy

   Ignite Performance Academy for Representation

We can maximise your work and casting opportunities by connecting you to the right agencies and key industry professionals, ensuring you run yourself as a business and are prepared and professional for every opportunity.  Get discovered and do it safely with Ignite Performance Academy. Have the choice for us to represent you or for you to be given the knowledge to represent yourself.

Ignite Performance Academy

  • Be prepared for every casting
  • Learn how to market yourself or your child
  • Connect with key industry professionals and be discovered
  • Maximize your work and casting opportunities
  • Build your commercial casting portfolio
  • Gain access to ongoing support and expertise

Ongoing Support

  • No more wasting time approaching the wrong companies
  • Choose credible representation
  • Be your own boss with the support of our brand

In an unregulated industry it is critical that you take the right steps to ensure you are on the right path

Support for mum’s who are new to the industry

Ignite Performance Academy work in partnership with parents and understand that all children are different.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I ready for my child to be working in a highly competitive industry
  • Can I give my child’s career the attention it will need
  • Does my child have an outgoing personality
  • Does my child take direction well
  • Is my child well-behaved around strangers
  • Will my child be able to handle rejection
  • What paper work will need to be completed
  • Can I represent my child
  • How do I represent my child

   Ignite Performance Academy for Industry Professionals


Are you looking for Actors, Dancers, Singers, Presenters, Models or Extras?

Please call us on 07577 135058 for an immediate response.

As Independent Casting Directors Ignite Performance Academy understand how important it is to find the correct talent to bring your production to life.

We are a creative team who take the time to understand your vision. We always approach our projects with a professional, passionate and positive attitude so that we can deliver the best talents to you.

We know how busy you can be and can help by booking and coordinating auditions, show-reel the performance and provide you with the show-reel in an easy to watch format over the internet, while maintaining discretion and privacy. We can coordinate with all of the relevant agencies, basically we can help with ALL of your pre-production casting requirements.

Our fees are negotiable, by role, by project, per day or profit sharing. The help you need within the budget you need for your production.

Please call 07577 135058 or email rhys@igniteperformanceacademy.com with your casting brief or specific requirements.