Very friendly and positive people who are consistently committed to making things happen, excited to be working with such a professional and supportive company!


5 stars

I wanted everyone to know what an incredible team Safra has put together! Had an amazing day with them on Wednesday. From Chris the photographer who was calm and reassuring, to Sarah (hair) and Hannah (makeup), they were all so professional and made me feel really special. Linda


Really impressed with the service received so far Safra and her team care about getting the best for her clients and go that extra mile, looking forward to working with her. Thankyou


5* for Safra and her staff at IPA, professional and passionate in everything they do!

Stacey and Daniel (parents to Ella)

Professional Office with attention to their talent. My daughter is in good hands with Safra and that for parents is very important!


Great academy with professional team that are good at what they do. The owner Safra of Ignite Performance Academy is a true professional, very accurate and combines her professionalism with efficiency. This way she always delivers!


Love IPA! Safra and her team helped guide me so much when I first started as an actor. Professional, down to earth and Safra and the team are incredible, thanks so much!


Safra is an amazing person, she is always on the ball, loyal and extremely hard working. Made sure she looked after everyone. Having worked for many agencies and academies over the years this is by far the best I work for.


Safra gave me opportunities that I never imagined to get, I hope to reach more goals through this academy, grateful always to Safra and her team!


One of the most serious academies. I only have praise and thanks.


I can say that Ignite Performance Academy is my second home, where I feel welcomed and surrounded by loved ones, all with the same goal: our professional growth! Everything done by Safra and her team is done with much love, professionalism and lots of fun! And so I’m evolving and getting incredible experiences for life on the side of the great professionals of this academy. I’m grateful for that! Thank you family Ignite Performance Academy!!!


Great director, very fair, lots of opportunities!


If you join Ignite Performance Academy, Don’t worry about kids future because your Kid is in professionals hand.


Great place for your children ,all children are treated fairly highly recommended They do a great job


Excellent service, very professional and fun for the little ones ! Congratulations!!!

Raymond Jones

Superb company, they have done everything a manager should and more..


Ignite have been representing our “real family” for a year. They work hard to get you castings and jobs. Cant say enough good things about Safra, Gabrielle and the team!

Ann (mother to Kaizer)

Ignite Performance Academy are great, They just signed my son Kaizer and I’m looking forward to a good long lasting relationship with this academy. They already booked him with a direct booking for Disney & John Lewis two weeks after signing him. Fully recommend. Update: They are also prompt to respond they are very professional. By far the best academy in the UK.


Always pros at what they do, working for all of us to help us be a success!! Thanks Safra and all of her team!!


I have been with Ignite since March and I have booked for feature films twice. My family has recently signed and we look forward to working with IPA for years to come.


I’m with Ignite Performance Academy and Safra and all of her team are amazing, I have had a great experience so far thanks to Safra /IPA with exciting experiences

Carl (Casting Director)

First class academy and great talent who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and hard-working. Loved working with them recently on a casting.


Ignite Performance Academy is the most productive and efficient academy around, would highly recommend I got an audition from them the first couple of days since joining them and actually secured the role too, thanks to Safra and her team!


I LOVE IT, IPA IS THE BEST. Love Working at IPA its one Big Happy Family 🙂


Used them a while back for a hair shoot Safra was fab! Highly recommend them!! X


Amazing Academy!! Professional and brilliant ethos! Great people to work with and do business with I highly recommend Ignite Performance Academy.

Helen and Lee (parents to Sophia)

I wasn’t sure about the whole “child modelling” scene, but Safra and her team at Ignite Performance Academy put me at ease right from the start. They really go the extra mile to make everyone part of the IPA family and ensure the kids have fun. When we went to their studios it was great to see them getting involved in what the kids do and that personal touch makes so much difference. I’m not surprised that they do so well in this business. Keep up the good work guys!

Donna (mother to Xavier)

The thing that impressed me most while with Ignite Performance Academy, was when my mum couldn’t take me to an audition, so Ignite Performance Academy sent their chauffeur car to pick up all 5 models from different areas. That was really nice and as it was my first job and I was really worried, they made sure we all got there on time.


We have worked with Safra and the Ignite team for nearly a year now and she is a true professional! Incredibly efficient and through in everything she does, goes above and beyond and really can offer her clients a personal service. We would recommend anyone looking for a career in entertainment to work with Ignite Performance Academy.


I have had the pleasure of working with Ignite Performance Academy. As a Makeup Artist it is so refreshing to work in such an organised, professional yet so relaxed and friendly environment. Absolutely love working with Safra. Looking forward to doing more work with this amazing company.


I have had an excellent experience with Ignite performance academy. I have had two castings in my first week joining and am very excited for what the future holds. Having had several agents in the past, I can truly say that Ignite are the most efficient, friendly and best agency I have experienced. I highly recommend them.


I have been working with Safra for about a year and half now. She is always very professional and a pleasure to work with. The opportunities for work from her keep getting better and better. Safra and her team have got me work in commercials, background and also some feature work. It’s always interesting watching Safra and her team expand.

Hayley and Andy (parents to Rochelle)

We were approached by Ignite Performance Academy regarding our daughter Rochelle, at first I was sceptical (as this is the kind of daddy I am) but we gave it a chance and we are glad that we did, Safra explained everything to us to a T to make sure that we understood the whole process before joining and Safra and the team have gone all the distance for ourselves and Rochelle, we are proud parents and thanks to Safra and her team’s support and guidance our little Rochelle was successful in her audition (bearing in mind she has no experience) and she has just been chosen for the role, Rochelle also had photos done with Ignite Performance Academy and they are her best yet done by the lovely Safra and her team. Thank you!


A wonderful day spent yesterday at Ignite Performance with Safra and her team. The make up artist and hairstylist did a great job including my individual personality in achieving my look for the portfolio.
The photographer was a proper gentleman and a true professional extremely skilled at his job.
Safra and the team were genuine friendly and kind, along with making professionalism and hard work seem effortless!!! Thanks for welcoming me on board l’m looking forward to a prosperous journey.


I LOVE IT, IGNITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY IS THE BEST. Safra and her team are amazing, they do a very good job, thank you guys!


I just wanted to share my experience at ignite performance acadamy, saff and gabrielle are so friendy over the phone very supportive with anything i need help with they really did take me step by step made sure i understood everything i feel they really have my best interest at heart and as an indivdual really wants to help me get to the top super happy and excited to be apart of this agency and cant wait for what has to come.

Thanks Kasey


Gabrielle is must say is super efficient.
Always friendly and approachable and willing to go the extra mile to help out. Really feel that she wants the best for you as a individual. Highly recommend ignite performance academy as we buy from people in life.


The people who run this agency are highly professional and totally on the ball.
They have shown me that they will do everything possible to get me up front in this industry. And with their professional approach i have no doubt that they will.


Safra was fab with my little girl and the photos from her shoot are amazing!! I’m excited for the future with Ignite Performance Academy!! The studio is lovely and easy to find if you know where you’re going 🙂 5 stars from me!!


Being an actor, you rely on promotion and reputation and this exactly what Ignite do. Both Safra and Gabrielle are extremely efficient, very good at their job and I’d recommend anyone in a heartbeat. I look forward to a long working relationship with them.


It was an absolute pleasure speaking to Safra as she gave me the right tools and advice that was necessarily needed. I thank you for representing me and I hope everything goes well for the best


Super Gabrielle , has been great sorting all my pages , photos and profile up and running in such a short space of time , really has excelled in my eyes to get me out there , would recommend this agency to all newcomers


Absolutely loved working with ignite performance academy, very professional and friendly , very positive and encouraging team with amazing results


I was contacted by Ignite and they explained to me who they are, why they were calling etc and they made sure I understood everything. Everything couldn’t have gone smoother.


My name is Joyce, I am a model and actor and want to take my career to another level, today I just want to share my experience with ignite performance academy they were lovely people to talk to on the phone they took me step by step in everything I needed to know above all they are very supportive and I want to say keep up the good work, Gabrielle thank you once again see you at the top. Kind regards, Joyce.


Hi “Knotty” here Actor/Model, Just joined “Ignite Performances Academy” Very professional and keen. Hope to be working with them very soon. Regards “Knotty.”


Happy to say last week I contacted IGNITE Performance academy, Who were Professional and friendly and happy to explain to me through every detail and stage of becoming part of the team! 🎉. They give you confidence and as much time as you need to get through each stage. I am excited to be part of IGNITE .


WOW so happy with Ignite Performance Academy in Cardiff, I signed my 3 children up with them a week and half ago and not one but all three of them have already attended auditions, would highly recommend! grin


I am delighted to be part of Ignite Performance Academy


Very supportive and enthusiastic by helping me choose whats right for me.


My agent is an important part of my life, I learn lots of new things.


Very professional, honest and open relationship. Continuous communication and support throughout the entire process.


All of the years I have been in this industry and the countless agencies/academies I ve had this is by far the best, I would highly reccommend Ignite Performance Academy, they are in the UK www.igniteperformanceacademy.com they are a fantastic academy, putting clients first and actually get people into work including people with tattoos and piercings they are people of their word!


I have worked with IPA on a couple of projects previously and I can say their professionalism throughout was spot on could not of asked for more I look forward to working on more projects with them in the near future.


I ve used their services for 3 weeks now and am very impressed by it, they have gone all the length for me!


Amazing team so far so good!!! Got me up and running in no time


Great Company to be working with! would recommend!


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge my personal management team “Ignite Personal Management” since joining you recently, my career has catapulted to a whole new level, your fine attention to detail and your tenacity in sourcing work for me is breathtaking. Your dedication and focus to my career is astounding, and I know personally that you are the team that I always searched for to elevate my career to the heights that I crave. Your hunger and passion for this mission that we are on together excites me majorly, and I look forward to the future with great anticipation. The team are always accessible to me if or when I need them, they show me nothing but constant warmth and love, I look at them as my family aswell as my team, that’s why I’ll always strive for greatness alongside them. I love the team dearly, I can’t thank them enough for what they do for me on a daily basis, and together, “WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN “…