Terms & Conditions


Please view our downloadable Terms and conditions by clicking here.

  • Office hours are 9.30hrs -5.30hrs Monday to Friday:
  • Telephone 02920 351521 (Emergency contact) 07460 515151
  • If we have contacted you with a placement, please confirm your availability within 4 hours. Please do not ring every week to check for work once a month is acceptable (We will call you when work comes in).
  • If you’ve been booked for filming we will normally text you between 1600hrs-1800hrs the day before with your call details (or on a Friday for Monday). If you do not here from us by 1800hrs it is your responsibility to call us for these details. If you do not call the placement will be offered to someone else and you will not be considered for future work.
  • You must be on time for every placement and arrive 15 minutes before the call time you are booked for (allow plenty of time for travelling and parking) Ensure you have no evening commitments, as you may be required to work late. Never ask production crews what time you finish or if you can finish early.
  • When you are booked for a placement; it is totally unacceptable not to turn up, or to cancel at short notice, if this happens for no genuine reason you will not be considered for future work.
  • When you are booked to appear with any production, Theatre or promotional job you are not allowed to work on that production, or with the individual company named in the same series/show, or within a year of contract ending with another agent, or direct, unless we give written authority to do so. Should you be found to be in breach of this clause Ignite Performance Academy reserves the right to seek recovery of any losses arising.
  • Do not wear any logos, spots, stripes or designer marked clothing. Always take at least one spare set of clothing.
  • Report to a member of the production crew on arrival. Sign out at the end of every day, and always check the hours that are being recorded, as this will form the basis of any payment due. If you do not sign out you may not get paid
  • If you have any concerns whilst on set, please Contact us, not the AD’s
  • Allow main cast and crew to have lunch first; they have to get straight back to prepare for the next scenes.
  • Do not contact or accept work from an AD or company direct, please contact us immediately if you are approached.
  • If any of your details change or your appearance please update us.
  • It is illegal for an agency to charge upfront fees. Ignite Performance is an academy we reference all new talent once a year.

Each new client has a training and development plan put together for the year based on individual needs the cost of this service is £50 which can be paid by Card or Bank Transfer.

  • We accept children under 16 years of age on the basis that a parent/guardian will chaperone the child.
  • We will deduct 15% commission from any payments received from placements secured by us. You should receive payment within approx 6 weeks. If you are paid direct commission for placement and repeat fee is to be sent to Ignite Performance Academy within 24 hours of receipt of payment or 28 days after completion, whichever is sooner. Ongoing and future placement is subject to prompt receipt of any money due to Ignite Performance Academy
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or Cheques to be made payable to Ignite Performance Academy.
  • BBC contracts will vary, you will normally be sent a contract, Please sign it, insert your National Insurance number and return to the address on the contract.
  • Retain a copy of these terms and conditions for your future reference!

Always be professional, never ask for autographs or take photos, never discuss productions or storylines away from set. No Family, Friends or pets to accompany you to a placement, either on or offset. You should never consume alcohol or drugs on set. Be punctual at all times.

We do not guarantee you work; we put you forward for any suitable positions but the final selection remains with the production company, we cannot influence their decision.


I confirm and understand that any work positions secured for me, by Ignite Performance Academy, will be strictly on a self employed basis and as such, I will be responsible for making any statutory declarations or payments in respect of Tax and National Insurance due by me as a consequence of this arrangement. Accordingly Ignite Performance Academy are instructed not to make any of these deductions at source without giving me notice.

Provided you have attended all castings and adhered to the terms of the contract we will keep your space on our books for the following year.

Your new term will start 1 year and 1 day after registration from the previous year. You will be charged £50 for a new learning and development plan.

Cancellation- You have the right to cancel your policy after 1 year within 30 days of inception.
You may cancel in writing to the above address.

Ignite Performance Academy has the right to take clients off the register if consistent auditions are missed.

We do not offer refunds.


We expect all clients to represent Ignite Performance Academy and give 100% effort at every audition.

Currencies – GBP Sterling only ( £ ) Sterling

Name & Registered Office

Ignite Performance Academy Limited 
The  Maltings
East Tyndall Street
Cardiff Bay
CF24 5AE

Registered England & Wales
Company Number – 09563360

Telephone 02920 351521
(Emergency contact) 07460 515151