Registration Process

Registration Process

We will review applications within 72 hours.

Approval or feedback re non-approval given within a week of receiving a fully completed registration pack.  You will not be registered until we have had eligibility to work document and industry standard photographs.

If you are accepted with Ignite Performance Academy you will need to add us as agents. Ignite Performance Academy are a non-exclusive agency which allows you to search for work independently too.

You will be required to create your own profile on audition websites, as agents we will give you guidance and advise which site is more suitable for your target audience.

Ignite Performance Academy will coach you around creating a profile with impact which will enable you to succeed in auditions.

You will be expected to allow us to market you professionally. You will be expected to provide a professional cv with photos and you also have an option to include a show reel although this is not a compulsory requirement some casting directors will only cast by showreel.

If you are deciding to pursue a career in the entertainment industry there will be a cost involved to produce your marketing material, if you already have this produced we can use your own providing it is of the standard that our agency use to represent people in the industry. Please advise us as agents if you have been quoted rates from preferred suppliers. Ignite Performance Academy will be able to give you guidance whether the rate is the correct amount. Ignite Performance Academy are registered with equity to get up to date information on new and existing legislation regarding rates and fees in the industry.